Academic Board

Emeritus Professor Peter Flood (Chair)

Professor Flood is a distinguished Australian academic with five decades of activities as a scientist, geologist,

Mr Harry Halliday

Mr Halliday is Director of Event Coordination and Customer Service at Nokia EDU. He was previously a Director at Alcatel-Lucent University (Telecommunications) for 16 years.

Professor Richard Fletcher

Professor Fletcher is currently Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Western Sydney University. Prior to his retirement from WSU he was Professor of Marketing

Dr Leigh Deves

Professor Deves holds an Honours degree in psychology and research methods (UNSW, 1977), a Masters of Business Administration (MGSM, 1985), and a Doctor of Philosophy (IMC, 1996)

Dr Michael Milgate (Dean)

Dr Milgate has held a number of senior academic positions (Academic Director or Dean) with various Higher Education Providers before joining PIA,